What Sochi Will Look Like in 30 Years: Shocking Photos of Abandoned Olympics Site

By now everyone has heard how rocky of a time they’re having in Sochi, with unfinished hotel rooms, dangerous conditions and extreme poverty surrounding the opulent Olympic facilities. Back in 1984, the Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo, which has since seen violent military conflicts and turmoil. The result are these haunting photos below of the abandoned Olympic sites. Sadly, it feels like a preview of what will likely happen to the facilities in Sochi. Take a look:

This is the ski jump judging stand.

01 - The judges039 stand at the ski jumping venue

The medal podium. (Looks kinda Hunger Games-ish, doesn’t it?)

02 - The medal podium at the ski jump venue

The ski jump.

03 - The abandoned ski jump at Mount Igman

Nature has reclaimed the steps to the top of the ski jump.

04 - The steps leading to the ski-jumping venue are all but gone

The stands at the ski jump, once filled with spectators.

05 - The stands at the ski-jumping venue

The lodging built for the Olympians.

06 - The hotel where the Olympians stayed

Nature has also taken back the bobsled track.

07 - The bobsled track overrun by foliage

08 - The broken down bobsled track at Mount Trebevic

Of course, it’s a prime target for graffiti.

09 - Graffiti on the inside of the track

10 - Some of the graffiti is pretty intricate

Here a stray dog saunters past the Kosovo Stadium, where the opening ceremonies took place.

11 - A dog walks past the Kosovo Stadium where the opening ceremonies were held

Nature wants it back too.

12 - Weeds grow over the walls of the Kosovo Stadium

The outside of Zetra Hall, where the figure skating competitions were held.

13 - The Zetra Hall where figure skating was held

The “inside” of Zetra Hall.

14 - The remains of Zetra Hall

15 - Graffiti on Zetra Hall

A graffiti artist painted Zucko, the Olympic mascot. He’s kinda creepy

16 - Vucko the official mascot of the 1984 Olympics

17 - A faded cartoon of Vucko skiing

More shots of the ski jump. Terrifying.

 19 - The ski jump itself

20 - The bottom of the ski jump

Do you think the photographer was sweating when he or she took this one?

21 - The top of the ski jump

The faded Olympic logo in downtown Sarajevo.

22 - The logo for the 03984 Olympics in central Sarajevo

23 - The Olympics rings on a tower above the figure skating venue
All images from borno23

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