Kardashian Imitator In Coma After Butt Implant Explosion At Local Gym


NBC 4 in San Antonio is reporting that Serena Beuford, 27, is in a coma after suffering major injuries at her local gym. She was filming a video for Instagram while doing squats and her butt implants ruptured.

“…she heard a loud pop. Soon after, she fell to the floor screaming in agony… saying that her butt was gone.

According to Beuford’s sister Jackie, Serena had visited an unlicensed clinic to get a 64-inch bottom.

She said her sister wanted to become famous on Instagram. That clinic is now under investigation.”

Doctors say the damage affects her colon and lower intestines, and that it will take several major procedures to undo the damage done.

Butt implants aren’t a good idea (do you really want to be a Kardashian that badly?), but if you must undergo plastic surgery, make sure it’s with a reputable and certified physician.

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