Every Pregnant Woman in This Country Gets a Free Baby Shower From…Their Government?

Europe is certainly a far different place than America. In Finland, pregnant women are all eligible to receive a free “maternity box” – it’s packed full of free goodies to help the new Finn get off to a great start. It’s like your country throws you a baby shower! Take a look, and wait till you see the last image – they thought of everything!


Here’s the box, as it looks when it arrives.


Lovely IKEA-ish decoration on the outside.


And the first reveal…


Snowsuits are very important for Finnish babies – it’s cold almost all the time!


A sleeping bag and sheets – baby size!


Hats, socks, toys, books, hygiene products – (even some condoms, in case mom and dad want to stop here)


The rest of the box is packed with gender-neutral clothes and towels, and get this – the bottom of the box is a mattress so that it can be used as a baby bed!

Image source: Reddit user GrumpyFinn

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