This is the Craziest Thing You’ll See Today. I Promise.

This is the Craziest Thing You’ll See Today. I Promise.

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, had a bit of an accident yesterday when a 40 foot wide sinkhole opened up…right underneath 8 of its priceless and one-of-a-kind Corvettes. Security cameras captured the first opening – take a look (and a cry if you’re a ‘vette lover):


Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.49.01 PM

Crazy right? The museum has reopened, but is facing millions of dollars in damage.

This 16 Year Old’s Elsa Costume Will Blow You Away

This 16 Year Old’s Elsa Costume Will Blow You Away

No pun intended (Elsa can control the weather after all!) Angela Clayton, a cosplay artist from Long Island, NY, has slaved away on a gorgeous costume based on Queen Elsa from the Disney hit, Frozen. Take a look at these stunning photos:


This is how the gorgeous cape began.


She painstakingly applied crystals and rhinestones in intricate patterns.




The finished product – perfect.






Congrats Angela on your amazing costume! Way to “Let It Go”!



This Bride’s Entrance Had Everyone In Tears

This Bride’s Entrance Had Everyone In Tears

New bride Arianna Pflederer has made worldwide waves on the web with her heartfelt rendition of…well, just watch.

I’m with the pastor – that’s what’s called making an entrance! Congratulations to the happy couple!

(In case you wanted to know what the song is, it’s called “Look at Me” by Carrie Underwood)

11 Photos That Will Warm Up Your Heart

11 Photos That Will Warm Up Your Heart

With all that cold weather out there, sometimes the heart needs to be thawed too. Here are 11 photos guaranteed to melt the most frozen of hearts:


The Animal Rescue League of Berks County has schoolchildren read to their sheltered animals.


This couple has crossed enemyl lines to be together – he’s Israeli, and she’s from Iran. Love doesn’t know borders.


This Mexican paralympic athlete, Arnulfo Castorena, crying tears of joy after winning Mexico’s first medal in the games.


The Moxie Boyz and Girlz doll line has models without hair to support children suffering from cancer. They even donate to City of Hope.


This cat was trapped in a fire and successfully brought back to health by his human pals.


There are a lot of stories about horrible cops, but so many are awesome – including this one who stopped his patrol car to help an injured dog.


This is one of several cleaning establishments that will help you out for free if you need to look good to get work.


I love it when people pay it forward – which snack would you pick? (I’d go for Reese’s, no question)


Kids don’t know that they’re perfect strangers. Can you see what these two are doing while waiting at the airport?


This  man was blessed by a stranger who left him breakfast.


This gentleman without a home was given shiny new Nikes by a fellow passenger – they look good on him!